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Associazione Trevisani nel Mondo


It was in March 1978 that an article appeared in an Italian language newspaper that announced to the Italian-Canadian community in Toronto the first general meeting of the Associazione Trevisani nel Mondo (ATM), representing an open invitation to all those of Trevisan origin to attend. The invitation was in fact accepted by hundreds of people who flocked to "La Luna Ballroom" on April 2, 1978 where the first ever executive committee of the new association was elected, namely: Eliseo Vendramin, Flavio Tasca, Gilberto Gatto, Guido Toffoletto, Salvino Pietrobon, Luciano Filippetto, Urbano Bottero, Abramo Bettio, Pietro Marcon, Giustino Zuccon, Rino Varaschin, Luigi Donaldi, Luigi Brusatin, Giuseppe Dall'Agnese, Antonio D'Ambrosio and Franco Fadel.

The following October, the ATM began planning its first event, the "Veneto-Trevisana" week, that was to take place in the spring of 1979. It was this first event that brought the existence of the ATM to the attention of the Italo-Canadian community in Toronto. Since its inception, the ATM has sought to realize its members desire to gather together as one unique and vibrant family where young and old can meet to renew old friendships and make new ones.

The first of these gatherings, that later became known as the "Autunno Trevisano" took place on Sunday, December 2, 1979, at the "Jane & 7 Country Club" with about one thousand people in attendance. Today, hundreds of people attend this event that has become more and more popular with every passing year. The autumnal event has also increased in popularity due to the addition of the "Radicchio Trevisano" contest which is held at this event and which attracts many contestants.

From the beginning, the ATM had wanted to create a "Youth Group" which became a reality very quickly thanks to the efforts of Flavio Tasca. In addition, when Loredana Basso was elected to the executive committee at the Annual General Meeting on April 17, 1983, the "Women's Group" took wing and to this day is a vibrant part of the ATM and conducts several successful annual events and activities, including: bringing gifts tot he elderly of Trevisan origin at Villa Colombo; collecting food for the Daily Bread Food Bank; organizing the weekly "Filó" on Tuesday evenings when the ladies get together to play cards and Bingo. The Filó also hosts lectures by such noted Toronto-area personalities as Dr. Silvia Mecozzi, police officer Lino Murarotto, Dr. Bocchino, Dr. Renzo Carbone and many others. The Women's Group also organizes the annual brunch at the Epiphany where gifts are handed out to young children in attendance by "La Befana".

In 1989, the ATM began another tradition - that of the "Musivin", that incorporates an afternoon of music by young and old participants in addition to a contest for the best home-made wine made my members.

Every July the ATM also holds a picnic with contests and activities for young and old. The annual picnic continues to attract hundreds of families of Trevisan origin and their friends and is one of the group's most popular events.

The ATM also organizes many trips for its members, including, in Canada: Montréal, Ottawa, Québec City, British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains. In the United States: New York, Washington D.C., Las Vegas and New Orleans. And internationally: Argentina, Brazil and Australia.

On May 30, 1998, the ATM celebrated its 20th anniversary. The current executive consists of: Loredana Basso, Primo Ballan, Angelo Berton, Luigi Sanvido, Renzo Bottero, Anna Maria Pasquali, Fiorella Boiago, Aldo Bellinaso, Ugo Bottero, Carlo Bardin, Elvio Cescon, Elio Pravato, Angelo Rosolen, Edoardo Zambon and Vittorino Paccagnella. The Women's Group includes: Oliana Sanvido, Imperia Berton, Teresina Bellinaso, Fiorella Boiago, Rita Rosolen, Maria Paccagnella and Ada Baldassar, who are always working to ensure the ATM's events are successful and its traditions are passed down to our children.

Today, in conjunction with the Federation of Veneto Clubs and Associations of Ontario, the ATM strives to ensure the Veneto Federation continues to grow and be something of which all its members and their families can be proud.